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Mike Pagan  Video Newsletters

Welcome to Mike Pagan's video newsletters, please find our archived videos below;

Back To Basics 
Back to Basics – do you overcomplicate your day, focus on too many things and not achieve as much as you could? Now is the time to do the simple things correctly – the basic business skills such as communication with clients, time with your staff or saying thank you to someone that deserves it. When everything around you is screaming doom and gloom now is the time to get back to basics and do the simple things correctly.  Watch the Video 

A Great MC 
What makes A Great MC? This is not referring to the Toastmasters red coat and gavel variety. We all have varying experiences of working with or seeing an MC in action. For me they are the Glue, they hold the conference or the event together. The conference chairperson has dotted the i’s and crossed the T’s, the MC has the job of making the event Memorable for the Right Reasons while shining the spotlight firmly on the people that matter and not themselves. I love being an MC it comes under that category for me of really hard work with all the preparation and planning, but at no point does it actually feel like work, its great fun!  Watch the Video 

Who do you trust with your life? In Scuba Diving terms that is what your Buddy does, they are your back up, your reality check and your support – you are not allowed to go diving without a Buddy – that’s the simple Laws of diving, break those laws and there can be dire consequences. So who in your business and personal life do your trust implicitly with your life, your well being or your direction? It’s soooo important that you have the best support network to help you to become better at what everything you do and achieve so much more.   Watch the Video 

What does Cheating mean to you? What does it mean to you in your personal life vs. your business life? Heaven forbid you have a different understanding or translation to someone else in the sporting arena? Relationships are built on trust and if you cheat the process, try to skip the elements that really matter when it comes to building a relationship the chances are they will come back and bite you later! Honest open relation ships will last a life time, cheating the system is a form of gambling where you can win or lose.  Watch the Video 

Time to de-clutter!!! Spring cleaning your business, your life, your standard practices can have an amazing effect on personal and business productivity. The challenge is creating the environment or the time when you can take a step back and review what has become common practice, the norm and what is no longer relevant. We are creatures of habit doing things over and over again, these habits can be good and bad – now is the time to review and remove the habits that have become clutter in our lives.  Watch the Video 

This word means many things to different people – what does it mean to you? Community is something to strive for its where people have a sense of belonging and sense of fitting in, without it society collapses and then what happens, anarchy? Or is it just for the do-gooders who are ‘that way inclined’ – they will always help. Without a sense of community and giving back many things we take for granted just would not happen - what could you do to give just 1% or maybe 2% more to help your community and network achieve more? Its up to all of us.  Watch the Video 

Who are your fans – who are your helpers but you just don’t ask them – who can you help more that will never ask for help? This newsletter asks about those that could be truly able to assist you but you don’t ask, are too scared to or just avoid the subject? There is help out there all you have to do is connect!  Watch the Video 

Creative Thinking 
This Video Newsletter asks the question of creative thinking, are you able to come up with creative solutions to situations or are you waiting to be spoon fed the answers by someone else?  Watch the Video 

Who asks questions of you and what you do? When did you last seek out support from someone where you asked to be critiqued? As a speaker I receive amazing feedback some good and some that I might not have expected but that is the benefit of having a colleague critique you, this works in all industries, it simply involves asking for honest feedback.  Watch the Video 

Are you the same as everyone else? An accountant, consultant, solicitor, window cleaner or student that is your title for want of a nicer phrase the question is what makes you different from the other thousands of similar providers out there. In your business, personal or financial life what do you do or have that makes you memorable or different? You have to Dare to be different – don’t be another number.  Watch the Video 

Decision Making 
Mike asks you about the confidence necessary to make decisions, not everyone is good at making decisions so how can we improve.  Watch the Video 

How easily are you distracted from the work that you do – the work that you should be doing and the task at hand? We all find ways to distract ourselves from the purpose at hand making jobs longer and harder than they should be – what checks and balances could you put in place to prevent that loss of time , as I always say what can be done to stop you from Faffing about!  Watch the Video  

Dubai Inspire 
Having just returned from a speaking engagement in Dubai I am truly inspired by their vision and ability to turn vision into action.  Watch the Video 

How do you keep going? What do you do to change your energy? Some say it is all to do with choice, you can choose to be positive, up beat and on a high and you can choose the opposite, it’s up to you! That’s sounds like something annoying positive smiley people would say to me – it is TRUE though! Choose to mix with people that will lift your energy and help you stay on purpose, they are tonics in your life and should be nurtured and loved for what they do!   Watch the Video  

It’s never their fault is it!! You know the people I am talking about, no matter what the situation that arises there is always an excuse and it generally involves blaming someone else. The question for you is a little more poignant – how often are you making excuses for the things you fail to complete, that go wrong for no reason or that you have just been avoiding and somehow you have been caught out? There are people in this world that make things happen, they might not be the ones who do all the work but they are the catalyst to making a difference – which camp are you in – and what are you going to do to be known as someone who doesn’t constantly make excuses because you always take action?   Watch the Video 

How confident are you with sharing your own brilliance with others? That is assuming that you believe you are great, capable of anything you set your mind to, in short an Expert! Your life, your experiences and your history make you totally unique a true expert in what you know – no-one else will know what you do - correct me if I am wrong but that makes you an expert.   Watch the Video  

External Support  
Watch the Video 

Eye Contact  
Watch the Video  

How much time do you waste every week doing non productive, unimportant irrelevant jobs? In other words how much time to do you spend Faffing about on the wrong parts of your working day? This weeks Video Newsletter asks you to truly evaluate you own productivity by using the FaffometerTM.  Watch the Video 

Giving and receiving feedback are two entirely different skills – an easy statement to make there I hear you say – we are great a giving feedback to others. But we rarely ask for constructive ‘REAL’ feedback that will help our development and performance. Most people will give you lip service, superficial feedback – you have to ask and find the supporters whose opinion you respect and whose words hold no punches!     Watch the Video  

What is your focus? Is it survival or something more longer term than that? How great is the challenge that you are setting yourself? You will have been challenged and goaded by many to have a clear focus on where you are heading otherwise any road will do, there are many analogies used today describing Sat-Nav systems and how they only work when you put a destination in first! You have to be specific - What is your equivalent goal that once you get through it for the first time everything will become so much easier?  Watch the Video 

Follow Up  
Watch the Video  

Why would / should we ever ask for Help – that would make us look weak?  Watch the Video 

Watch the Video  

Inside Information 
Legal Inside Information is the difference between getting first impressions 100% right, rather than dropping a howler because you hadn't done your research in advance. Once you have something special, a hook or some personal background information make sure it is stored effectively so it can be remembered when you need it. This can range from the football team supported through to the anniversary of the death of a spouse, which might sound macabre but believe me it can prove very useful information to have; fortunately I got that one right when I needed it.   Good luck gathering inside information!  Watch the Video 

What Inspires you, what is that really big amazing thing that set you are on your path that you are on now? Generally we follow an idea, a vision or a belief towards something, what is it that inspires you? If you are unable to answer that question think of the people in your life that have clicked with you, that have made you want to achieve more, do more or be more. Inspiration can come from the simplest to the most amazing of places; it doesn’t always come with a fluorescent sign saying ‘I am your inspiration!’ Watch the Video 

Watch the Video 

Jack Russell  
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Just Say No 
Do you find yourself saying yes too often to avoid a conflict, it’s easier to just say yes, your too scared to say NO to your Boss, spouse or colleague? Imagine how much more time you would have if you said NO more often? Could you save as much as 20 mins per day, which equates to 60 hours per year? 1.5 working weeks gained by saying NO! Now that has got to be worth consideration!  Watch the Video 

Kissing Frogs 
How many frogs do you have to kiss to win quality clients? Where are they found and what makes them your type of frog?  Watch the Video  

Knowing Clients 
Knowing your clients. How well do we know them – personally and professionally.  Watch the Video 

This Video Newsletter asks the question about your commitment to making things happen or do you just go through the motions, in other words are you LAZY?  Watch the Video  

Mood Hoover 
Having the wrong people around you will effect your capability, your desire to achieve more and your general demeanour, stay away from the Mood Hoovers – the ones that suck you dry of your positivity, they really are a health hazard.  Watch the Video 

This Video Newsletter asks about Motivation – understanding what is necessary to create an environment ripe for motivation, namely Purpose and Passion – even Mr Motivator agrees with me.  Watch the Video  

What is in a name? How are you known, what is the reputation associated with your name, do you control what is said about you when you are not around? If I typed in your name on Google would you be happy with what came up? When I ask your previous boss about you what would they say? We must spread positive words about ourselves; feed the global community with positive words about whom and what we are? You are in control of what your name is linked with and what it means, don’t leave it up to someone else to control, damage or influence the brand associated of you – Your name.   Watch the Video 

Pay It Forward 
Doing something good for someone else without expectation of reward or response – that is what Pay It Forward means. How often are you guilty of giving with one hand while holding out the other hand expecting something in return? We all do it – the challenge is to give with an open heart knowing that somewhere down the track when you least expect it someone will do something truly amazing for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!   Watch the Video  

Peer Coaching  
Watch the Video 

No one can achieve perfection in everything they do so why then do we set our own person Bar so high? It means we regularly fail or we avoid doing things because of a fear of not being able to achieve perfection. The hunt for perfection causes more stress and anxiety than we give it credit.  Watch the Video  

Watch the Video 

Personal Gearbox 
Productivity tracking is something we tend to avoid in the main – here is one of the simplest tools available to help you track and monitor your productivity. Your Personal Gear Box – what gear do you choose to lead your life in?  Top gear is not always the best gear to be in depending on the circumstances around you? If you had been tracking the last few weeks what gear would you have been in on average?  Watch the Video  

Pick Up the Phone!!!! How often are you guilty of sending an email or a quick text and not having a conversation? I know there is a balance between convenience and time wasting, but relationships are built around trust, empathy and knowing someone else, not about reading shorthand text messages or emails! By picking up the phone who knows they might want something else from you?   Watch the Video 

Dummy Text.  Watch the Video  

As we get older we practice less and then wonder why we are improving less or at worse going backwards. As a child you were told to practice practice practice and surprise surprise you improved, be that at sport, playing the piano or doing your spellings! So the question is what happened to make us ’grow out’ of voluntarily practicing, is it laziness, apathy or just too busy existing doing other things. Take time out to practice what you do, what you want to be better at and then practice practice practice - go on Stop Faffing About and get on with it!  Watch the Video 

What preparation you do when you really have to perform, and why you don’t do that all of the time. I recently delivered the hardest speech of my life; I prepared it, practiced it and delivered to a standard far higher than my own expectations and amazed all in attendance! How could you do better!   Watch the Video  

Watch the Video 

Call it conditioning, upbringing or your script, these are all phrases that are used to explain the things we do - unfortunately they may or may not be what we truly want to do. I am as guilty as the next person for thinking what should I do or asking that question what is expected of me before acting, rather than doing what comes totally naturally to me – i.e. my true self. When you are doing what comes naturally to you there is no such thing as work only play? So the question to you is ‘are you running your own programme or someone else’s’?   Watch the Video  

Watch the Video 

Real Passion 
This Video Newsletter is focused on PASSION – understanding what the word means to you and how you can bring more Passion into your work and home life. Without Passion we tend to go through the motions and achieve mediocrity at best, it’s amazing what a bit of passion can do for you.  Watch the Video  

Recipe for Success 
What is your recipe for success this year? What are you going to do more of and less of to become really successful this year?  Watch the Video 

How environmentally conscious are you, be that as an individual or as a business? It is worth thinking about and considering how you can do just that little bit more to look after the planet. As my wife says don’t beat yourself up for the things you don’t do, give your self a pat on the back for the efforts you do make.  Watch the Video  

Rest / Relax 
This August Video Newsletter is focused on R&R – Rest and Relaxation – creating the environment where you can take time out to recover and recharge in time for the autumn onslaught?  Watch the Video  

Watch the Video 

Selling Zones  
Watch the Video  

Serial Networker 
Watch the Video 

Shuffle Shame 
The business message behind Shuffle Shame is very simple and refers to everything we do that we would not want others to know about. Put simply these are the things that you do in your work environment, your personal life or elsewhere that if they ever became subject to an audit or someone else watching on would cause you to feel an immense sense of shame and embarrassment? That is Shuffle Shame! Now is the time to change those habits!   Watch the Video  

Are you known as being a smiler? How often do you smile?.  Watch the Video 

SPEAKER is a simple acronym to assist you and your speeches and presentations by focusing on other areas of your performance aside of the PowerPoint slides. Most people either dread speaking in public or leave it until the last minute to prepare and land up cobbling something together that will just about ‘do’ but is a long way from their best. On behalf of audiences across the world please give us the respect that we want you to be great, really we do, all we ask for in return is that you want to do your best as well and prepare accordingly – is this too much to ask?   Watch the Video  

Speak Slower 
This Video Newsletter is all about being heard by speaking slower, finishing your words and opening your mouth – you’ll be amazed when you try it.  Watch the Video 

What would you do if you had no-one to report back to – had complete carte blanche to do what ever you wanted for fun right now! That is called spontaneity – the ability and freedom to just do something different. There are various stages in your life where you have a greater and lesser amount of spontaneity, the issue occurs when we forget how to tap into our naturally spontaneous personality. Not everything has to be scripted, what would happen if you just……….. it might put a huge smile on your face.  Watch the Video 

Successes Remembered 
Well it’s Christmas week so for those of you watching this during the Christmas break try to take time to remember your successes during this year – how great has this year been – what are the lessons that can be learnt and done differently in 2008 - This weeks Video Newsletter asks you about remembering the good and improving the other areas.  Watch the Video 

Support Network 
Who is your support team? How well have you been supported during 2007? Do you get the right level of advice and challenge necessary for your business, your career or your personal effectiveness? This weeks Video Newsletter asks you about your Support Network.  Watch the Video 

This Video Newsletter is focused on Trust – understanding what the word Trust means to you and how you can develop stronger trusting relationships with the people that matter around you.  Watch the Video  

What the word value means to you, does it relate to client value or just a good price? What does Value For Money mean? How do different people and businesses interpret what value means to them?.  Watch the Video 

Is it OK to feel vulnerable in life, are you allowed to disclose your true thoughts with others and tell them you don’t feel bullet proof? Wearing a Super Hero mask that portrays invincible strength might make you feel great at times, but who then do you confide in when you need to?  Watch the Video  

What’s In It For Me! Focuses on the buyers drivers rather than the sellers. Whether in business or in our personal lives we always consider WIIFM before we make that purchasing decision. So when you are selling you must consider What’s In It for Them!  Watch the Video 

Working Days 
Do you get up everyday knowing what needs to be done – what you want to do – should be done or do you just make it up as you go along without a clear direction? Purpose refers to direction and desire it also refers to the bigger question – Why am I here? What is my overriding goal for being alive? So you have a choice to look skin deep and plan your day more effectively or look deeper and understand what truly drives you forward? Your choice!  Watch the Video  

Your Mission 
Sharing Your Mission.  Watch the Video 

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