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“The Productivity Guy” Productivity and Time Management Training

Mike is a Productivity Speaker who is passionate about making business simple.  He speaks on professional and personal productivity, his subjects include:

  • Stop Faffing About
  • Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Stop Faffing About

To FAFF – The False Art of Feeling Fulfilled - Stop Faffing about doing things that have minimal impact on you and your business and focus on the areas that truly matter.

Profit and productivity are the main casualties of Faffing about, be that personally or professionally. We spend and waste too much money, time and effort Faffing about on randomly selected activities that, at best, just keep us busy.

The four P’s of productivity is demonstrated by the Productivity Triagram which has an impact on every individual.  It consists of four zones each one relating to and impacting on the others. The central zone is the Personal Zone; find your focus in your personal environment and all other zones will have a strong keystone to work from. 

The supporting zones are Proactive - making things happen; Passive - giving back to your environment and community and finally the Process Zone - building systems that monitor and sustain productivity. Get all four Ps working well together and your productivity will soar.

Mike will help your audience focus on improved productivity and choose the quality activities and relationships for their personal and professional performance.

Being busy in wrong places with the wrong people doesn’t work – see how much more you can achieve when you Stop Faffing About!

Find out more about Stop Faffing About & Get On With It 

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

‘If you can’t measure it or track it then you can’t do it’ – that is what Mike Pagan would say if he was your sales and marketing director.

We spend too much money, time and effort on randomly selected marketing methods whose effectiveness is not measured or tracked. Mike will help your business develop a winning sales pipeline that delivers and produces results from core marketing activities.

This is achieved by concentrating FULLY upon 4 or 5 key marketing methods only rather than trying a little bit of everything. Focused Marketing enables companies to immediately save costs; by measuring the real Return On Investment (ROI) against all activities we can then repeat those that are successful and drop, remove and or recalibrate the others.

Through implementing simple tracking techniques you will identify the make up of your contact to contract ratio, making it easier to spot success and celebrate more. The Rule here is before commencing with any marketing techniques a clear ROI must be set, without this companies can’t justify the outcomes.

Whenever Mike delivers audiences take plenty of notes and leave with clear actions plans to work on. It’s simple ‘Business Sense'

Find out more about Measuring Marketing Effectiveness 

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