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Faff – The False Art of Feeling Fulfilled – Making Busyness Profitable

"This book is written for people like you and me, individuals who are great at what they do, have so much to give and achieve, with amazing amounts of potential. Unfortunately we are also brilliant at putting obstacles in our way, doing the doing while not achieving. Finding other things to do, rather than what it is needed or at worst just plodding along in the same old way when a change or new approach would achieve so much more."

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Book recommendations

“Don’t FAFF just read it! On the train, instead of wasting time watching rubbish on TV read a chapter, in between meetings read a bit. Take a nugget each day or week and use it. If you’ve seen some of the principles before re-visit them. My businesses earn millions of pounds of profits annually and I found time to read it. Time is more important than money. Money can be made by using time wisely. Make more time for family, make more time for fun! Read it and read it again. Life long learners are happy people!”
Mark Allen Chairman of CIMA Members in Practice Group and entrepreneur
Mark Allen
PROBIZ Central Limited

“In it’s simplest terms, Mike’s book “Faff” is a great business toolbox. You probably don’t need all the tools in the book at once (or if you do, you really need to speak to Mike!!!), so dipping in and out of the book to address individual problems that you are facing is by far the best way to get the most out of it. Within, there are some real pearls of wisdom, not based on theory or copied from anyone else, but actual pieces of wisdom that Mike has learned along the way and is happy to share with you. This is really what sets this book apart from many other ‘business’ books I have read. It isn’t patronising; it doesn’t lecture you; it doesn’t berate you for having faults, quite the contrary, it says ‘welcome to my world’ and helps you proactively working on your faults. I rarely recommend any book, and only ever do so if I feel that the book gave me a real and tangible return on the time investment I put into reading it and on this occasion I have no hesitation in recommending Faff to anyone who is looking to improve on their individual efficiency and productivity.”
Marc Ingram
Group Sales & Marketing Director

'Mike Pagan's book does exactly what it says on the tin. It's waffle free and overflowing with practical, doable ideas to overcome the procrastination habit. Because of it's style and length, you have no excuses for not reading it. So what are you waiting for? Don't faff, just read it and do what it says!'
Paul McGee
The SUMO Guy

Answer--- this book is clear concise and to the point Mike has a unique style that helps everyone improve their efficiency - their skills and therefore their bottom line.
Derek Arden

Using Mike’s book and a number of the tools and practices, I have been able to increase my level of customer service.

I have also been able to reduce my amount of stress. Taking small snap shot of my teams day we have been able to stay focused when we need to be on the ball. 

The easy part is introspection and the hard part is trying to change it.  Faff has taken our business from running at 55 miles per hour to a smooth and controllable 70 miles per hour by cutting out small bits of Faff, one less coffee break per day  can make lots of difference annually!

I can’t say the FAFF is gone but it is definitely decreased and the profits show!
Bart Dalton  – Associate Director Amp Wealth

"In his book, "Faff", Mike highlights the way that so many business people allow their focus to drift and "Faff About" doing the things they want to do instead of the things they need to do. The book is full of anecdotal and humorous stories from Mike's experience, and lots of practical advice and tool kits to help you to focus on what activities really are important and need your attention if you are going to take your business, career or life forward. This is definitely a book to read now to de-clutter yourself and move onwards more efficiently."
Paul Hooper-Keeley
Managing Director at Intervallum Limited - Interim Finance Director Services

"Easy reading and all good common sense that we all need reminding of from time to time!"
Cy Wilkinson
Operations Director at Cressall

A great book with a lot of relevance in today's world. Strong concepts and practical examples throughout - a must for any serious business person!
Phil Jesson – Academy for Chief Executives

They say if you want a job doing, find a busy person.  Effective people manage their time to maximise their potential.  There are many ideas in this book that have helped me become more effective.  I would recommend it to anyone who values their time.
Bob Parker – MD Forever Living Products UK

Faff is a great read for busy people. Its power is in its simplicity. So it you want to be more effective and achieve more each day I recommend you read Mike's book. Order it now and be prepared to read it today, tomorrow and the day after that.

Treat Faff as an old friend to whom you can return repeatedly for a fresh dose of common sense and clever ideas.
Eilidh Milnes
Conference Speaker, Writer & Coach

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